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Flexible burner for alternative fuels

Gasflex® is a unique burner that guarantees full flexibility of operation on syngas, conventional fuel or any mix of both.

Dual fuel burner for synthesis gas and fossil fuels.

Gasflex is a unique burner that offers full flexibility in choosing the fuel according to its current price and availability. Burner ensures efficient operation and full power by being powered only by syngas, only by conventional fuel or by any proportion of the above (0-100%).

Accepts gasification or pyrolysis gas at temperatures up to 600 ° C

Allows the syngas or a fossil fuel, alone or in combination, to be burned in any proportion (0 to 100%)

Fully adaptable to replace conventional burner in any conventional boiler


COGEBIO is a multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians, with recognized industrial experience in the field of biomass energy production.

These extensive skills make it possible to design the whole range of commercialized equipment in-house. The manufacturing is done in the Lyon area by a group of partner sub-contractors. Assembly of the units, on-site installations, commissioning and maintenance are carried out by COGEBIO.

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If you are looking for a dual-fuel burner for alternative and conventional fuels – visit the Cogebio website and discover our offer in details.