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Our patented, electrically heated screw conveyor is made for industrial bulk materials processing: heating, roasting, drying, and many more.

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Spirajoule® electrically heated screw conveyor

The Spirajoule® technology is an exclusive process for thermal treatment. It is designed with a worm screw conveyor electrically heated by a low voltage current.

The screw heat the product due to the Joule effect. The product temperature is precisely controlled due to the regulation of the screw temperature setting. The dwell time is regulated by the setting of the screw rotation speed.

The technology is a simple and economical process with the accurate and efficient operation of the heat treatment up to 800°C of wet or dried products.

Thermal treatment under a perfect control

Accurate and stable temperature of the product treatment

Precise control of the residence time of product inside the treatment chamber

Regulation of the feeding rate according to the demand

Maximum efficiency of treatment

The temperature of the screw is maintained due to the joule effect and precisely controlled by the regulation of screw temperature setting. The product that enters the pyrolysis chamber is conveyed by the heating screw, by which remains in the continuous contact with the heater while it is being transferred. The particles of feedstock are therefore heated in an uniform manner while passing the reactor. The residence time of treated material is regulated by setting of screw rotation speed. 

Wide range of temperature adjustment

Spirajoule© technology is a simple and economical process with accurate and efficient operation for the heat treatment and valorisation of bulk products in wide range temperatures up to 800°C.

Thanks to this solution, operator can access the process parameters and control the following: 

  • temperature of the Spirajoule®
  • residence time, 
  • material feeding rate

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