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Gasification of wood chips

Easy, flexible in use gasification of woodchips to replace your conventional, fossil fuels.


The system is created by the unique combination of two components – biomass gasifier and multi-fuel burner. By gasification of wood chips, our product produces syngas with a thermal energetic value up to 2000 kW. The installed burner can be operated solely on produced syngas or mix of fuels, in proportion chosen by the operator (0-100%). This solution allows Cogebio gasifier to be the system that guarantees continuous operation and full freedom of fuel choice, whether the biomass is available or not.


Cogebio is a system dedicated to substitute the conventional fuels typically used in industrial boilers (natural gas, propane, fuel oil) from renewable sources represented in biomass. The solution is designed for entire or partial replacement of fossil fuel to allow the end-user draw a value from available types of solid biomass.


COGEBIO is a multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians, with recognized industrial experience in the field of biomass energy production.

These extensive skills make it possible to design the whole range of commercialized equipment in-house. The manufacturing is done in the Lyon area by a group of partner sub-contractors. Assembly of the units, on-site installations, commissioning and maintenance are carried out by COGEBIO.

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