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Waste and biomass dryers

We offer continuous flow conveyor system for drying, roasting, and or cooling that offers many auxiliary options for a wide selection of products and applications.

About Beltomatic waste and biomass dryers

Beltomatic is a continuous convection process for drying, cooling, heating, and or roasting divided bulk flow products. Beltomatic’s intended use is to preserve and or enhance resources making them stable for storage or useable for the consumer.

Dryer with a long industrial track record

For over 50 years Beltomatic has supported the industry with applications including: Feed, Food, Wood, Waste, and more.  This includes over 700 units built and installed on 6 continents.

NTT waste and biomass dryers


Norris Thermal Technologies has been supplying custom designed processing equipment and metal solutions since it’s founding by Lee Norris in 1965. Norris Thermal Technologies has manufactured and sold over 550 custom built Beltomatic units worldwide.

Biomass dryer - Termobio


Termobio® is high-efficiency biomass dryer developed and patented by ETIA. Its construction bases on screw conveyor equipped with brushes that ensure the good material transportation along the dryer.

The solution is designed to dry biomass from up to 50% down to less 5% and adapted to a variety of wood sawdust, straw, pellets as well as biomass chips. The unique construction of the dryer ensures high heat transfer coefficient, low investment, and little operational costs.

Find about ETIA dryers

If your business is looking for waste and biomass dryers that would facilitate the storage and management of material – just contact us and discover our offer in details.