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Companies in our group

In ETIA Group, we put together the skills of various industry sectors. This way, we are able to create solutions that offer long-lasting value that reaches far beyond one business activity. We offer technologies for the global economy.

ETIA: Head of the group.

Established in 1989, ETIA remains the head of the group and direct provider of its patented solutions for the circular economy, which include biomass and waste valorization, solutions for the production of energy from waste, as well as technologies for thermal valorization and treatment of miscellaneous bulk residues.

Flag products offered by ETIA include Biogreen® (torrefaction and pyrolysis process), as well as Safesteril® (food products sterilization and debacterization) and many more.

VT GREEN: Expertise in green products

VT GREEN is a subsidiary of ETIA specialized in expertise to develop biobased products: biochar, bio-oil, wood vinegar and other materials derived from agricultural and forestry waste.

ASCODERO: Robotics and complex systems

Ascodero is a subsidiary of ETIA specialized in dedicated robotic solutions. Its activity includes robotic systems for waste recycling process and RDF recipes.

BIOGREEN AFRICA: Waste to energy for Africa

Biogreen Africa is a subsidiary of ETIA that propose full waste-to-electricity, off-grid systems for local communities in Africa. By transforming municipal solid waste, industrial, commercial or biomass waste into valuable resources and electricity, the company brings solutions for sustainable development of Africa.

SYNTHANE: Synthetic methane production

Synthane is a company created by ETIA for production of synthetic methane from biomass and waste.