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Contract with the third largest tea brand in the world

We have been awarded a 0.32 million € contract in Sri Lanka with Dilmah to deliver our SAFESTERIL® technology to sterilize and debacterize spices.

Dilmah, the third largest tea brand in the world, acquired its first Safesteril system from ETIA back in 2009, has now purchased its second system to keep up with its spice activity expansion, Ceylon Spice Company.

Even if this contract is not major, we are tapping into a major market. Around 80 percent of the world spice consumption is supplied from South Asia, estimated at over 4 million tons annually. With this award in Sri Lanka, and having supplied more than 100 ETIA food tech systems historically, we believe Vow ASA are well positioned to play a major role in a rapid growing food safety marked driven by new and stricter pasteurizing regulations”, says Henrik Badin, CEO in Vow ASA, our parent company.

ETIA’s Safesteril uses a unique electrified thermal heating process which safely and gently reduces the microbial load of sensitive raw materials, without impacting important characteristics like flavour, taste, colour, or moisture. The Safesteril process for food safety is based on ETIA’s patented Spirajoule technology. This is also the technology behind ETIA’s pyrolysis system to convert biomass and waste into clean energy and biocarbon, and increasingly attractive solutions for industries seeking to become CO2 neutral.


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