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New industry decarbonizing project getting started

Industry decarbonisation is at the core of our mission. Since years we have been accompanying the fast-paced industrial facilities in answering the challenge of sustainable energy production. Now we are proud to enter a new Biogreen project with a major international corporation of consumer goods, which operates number of production facilities worldwide. In this project, we will deliver and install ETIA Biogreen system in the first of their manufacturing plants and we will help our Customer to increase its share of renewable energy used by offsetting the natural gas consumption on site. Our Biogreen system will work to convert the available residues into biochar and syngas, that will be used for generating steam, therefore decreasing the gas use on site. The installation will be done during the fall of 2020.

The accumulated order backlog for the Scanship Group, including the order backlog for ETIA, is now at a NOK 770 mill level.


In Scanship and our subsidiary ETIA we are passionate about preventing pollution. Our world leading solutions convert biomass and waste into valuable resources and generate clean energy for a wide range of industries.

Cruise ships on every ocean have Scanship technology inside which processes waste and purifies wastewater. Fish farmers are adopting similar solutions, and public utilities and industries use our solutions for sludge processing, waste management and biogas production on land.

Our ambitions go further than this. With our advanced technologies and solutions, we turn waste into biogenetic fuels to help decarbonize industry and convert plastic waste into fuel, clean energy and high-value pyro carbon.

Our solutions are scalable, standardized, patented and thoroughly documented, and our capability to deliver is well proven. They are key to end waste and stop pollution.

Located in Oslo, the parent company Scanship Holding ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker SSHIP). In 2018 the Scanship group and ETIA had combined annual revenues of NOK 430 million and 120 employees in Norway, France, Poland and the US.


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