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Efficient cooling and heating

ETIA can propose customized screw conveyor solutions for different applications (Cooling, Heating, Drying, Evaporation, …) of Bulk products. 

Different designs (Tubular, Auger, Double Screw) can be proposed in function of the application, process conditions, environment, and industries. 

Model from small size to large size (Up to Ø1m Length 12m ). 

It is well-suitable for bulks, powders, granulates, pasty or muddy products. Its cooling and heating function is accomplished through chilled water, steam, or other thermal fluid passage into the screw and double jacket. 

Construction of our screw heat exchanger also allows the control of the atmosphere conditions above the product: wet extraction, dried air injection, steam injection, and many others. 

Paddles fixed to the screw allow a perfect homogeneous treatment, mixing, conveying, and cooling or heating transfer. 

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Simple and adaptable screw heat exchanger for your application

Screw-conveyor based heat exchangers are capable to handle a big variety of products and remain universal tool to transport and exchange heat with the material. Due to its simplicity and flexibility, they are used widely in many industries, from food processing, through minerals production and to heavy industries processes.
The heat transfer during the product transportation takes place through the screw shaft, jacket or the combination of both.
Thanks to the universal character of our screw conveyors, they can be easily scalable and tailored to the needs, by adjusting its construction, diameter or length.
Screw conveyor heat exchanger is also a perfect tool to improve the product quality by adding supplementary materials, ensuring good mixing or supplementary treatment by steam or water applications.


Universal construction of screw heat exchanger adaptable to your needs


Low maintenance and long service life thanks to the high design simplicity


Maximum heat exchange efficiency based on years of experience

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