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Reducing CO2 emissions: WASTE IS OUR FUEL

Waste Recycling Market and Circular Economy Evolution !!

Today we live in an age with the highest level of consumption our planet has ever experienced. Following linear economic models, our natural resources are recklessly exploited, down-cycled instead of recycled. In the traditional linear economy, model raw materials are processed, transformed, used, and after use, discarded to nature in the form of solid, liquid, and gaseous wastes, causing environmental harm.

What we do

Our group proposes a waste treatment hierarchy value. Artificial Intelligence is used to optimize sorting solutions. An increasing number of fully automated and robotized material recovery facilities across the world are proving the undeniable benefits of AI and robotics in the waste industry. AI-powered robotics can still trigger mental images of Sci-Fi movies and distant futures, but in the waste industry, robotics has been gaining solid ground for more than 10 years and their role is only increasing. Recent advances in the use of AI in waste sorting mean ever-expanding recognition capabilities and enable more accurate sorting tasks. This increases the recovery of the higher-value –materials and offers new business opportunities for operators.


AIRSS is a Scrap metal sorting solution we propose in partnership with ASCODERO. This robot controlled by artificial intelligence works with a magnetic/mechanic gripping system. A typical application is copper sorting «meatball sorting».
Equipment used for our industrial waste sorting solutions is supplied by ASCODERO. SCRAP Metal, DIB/DAE.

ASTRID – Data Waste Management solution – Systemic Analysis for Waste Sorting

Main features :

  • On-line waste stream analysis
  • Real time data collection
  • Providing information for each object:
  • Material
  • Brands
  • Surface
  • Volume
  • Weight
  • Creating a report with data, chart, and graphics
  • Providing monetized information
  • Sorting or process performance
  • ROI on future acquisition
  • Checking feedstock compliance
  • And much more…

You will find below Recycling and Robotics leaflet

ETIA/ASCODERO Intelligent Robotic Sorting System

• Machine Learning
• Optimal vision & robot configuration
• Multipurpose gripping device Metal and packaging detection

How our intelligent robot works?

This product works with AI. To offer the best possible solutions, we work with partners to tailor the most efficient and effective products. The hardware we use for our solutions is delivered by ASCODERO, one of the most known producers of robotics hardware for waste sorting. The software that creates the AI of the system is delivered by PICVISA a well-known producer of software for controlling robotic systems and machine learning.
Both use AI to control robotic systems and machine learning of data.

ECOPICK: Lack Packaging

is a robotics system with a customizable gripping device/robotic arm that uses Artificial Intelligence and Vision to automate manual sorting tasks at waste recycling plants. Each robotic arm can reach up to 60 picks per minute.
The material used for our usual Selective Collection Sorting Solutions is delivered by PICVISA

Still Unsure About Investing in Robots?

The last years put a lot of pressure on the waste industry and demanded fast changes—there is no reason to expect that this will change in the foreseeable future. The number of wastes generated will keep growing, which will result in more demand for waste sorting and recycling. At the same time, calls for recovering valuable materials from the waste stream and keeping them in circulation will only get louder.
Using robotics in MRFs will help the industry answer these needs and stay competitive in the evolving market. Robotics will increase employees’ welfare and safety, boost efficiency and profits, as well as ensure that the facilities are ready to comply with all future regulations. If you are still unsure about investing in robotics, contact robotics providers for more information. We look forward to partnering with front-running companies that are looking to embrace new technologies to keep the waste industry profitable for the decades to come.

Commercial Offers

We offer you validation possibility in our “Test center”, more than 800-meter² of fully automated and industrial-scale test facilities in Barcelona and Paris area.

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