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Ecological engineering

From analysis of existing solutions, through pre-feasibility studies and detailed engineering and design. Learn more about our services dedicated to designing an innovative and eco-friendly solutions for industry.


As an important base of eco-engineering, ecology base on the study of interactions between nature organisms and their environment. This studies allows us to learn about the processes happening in nature and transfer their simplicity and qualities into the industrial processes.


Engineering is the art of making practical and useful applications from available science, experience and knowledge. For us it means designing, building and operating technologies, from the laboratory, through the pilot and industrial scale of operation.


Eco-engineering relies on the principles of ecosystems to solve every design problems. Nature ecosystems connect many different domains and spheres in order to create a global economy, where the resources continue to circulate in sustainable way.

Ecotechnologies in industry

Our goal is to create a cost effective and ecological alternatives to the conventional solutions currently used in industry. In order to do this, we combine and interface a variety of technical solutions developed by our company and other partners.

We create solutions that offer new approach towards waste and residues management, biomass valorisation, creating new added value products and functional materials and producing energy.

Through over 30 years of experience, our team has worked with variety of industries, from food and agro-industry, through biomass and waste management, up to nutrients and gardening substrate producers. During our practice, we have learned that creating an added value in the market is done not only within single facility, but also by interconnecting the interest of different industries. When performing our services and eco-engineering we seek to develop a new business models, upgrade existing solutions and provide a fresh, innovative approach to the industrial problems.

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Our services

Backed up by over than 30 years experience in creating different business models worldwide, we offer a diversity of eco-engineering services:

  • technology audit
  • assessment of available technologies and solutions
  • feasibility analysis and pre-feasibility studies
  • design studies
  • laboratory and pilot tests
  • prototyping of solutions
  • operation and maintenance training
  • technical guidance and seminars

Example services performed

  • pilot tests of thermochemical conversion of waste and residues
  • pre-feasibility study of waste management system
  • detailed design study of plant for industrial waste management
  • agronomic properties study
  • laboratory analysis of products
  • analysis of industrial process upgrading

Our research center

Every project is different. Knowing that, when proposing the eco-engineering services, we often involve the testing the products in laboratories and research centres of ETIA.

By performing pilot tests, we receive the results corresponding exactly to the customer individual needs. Whether working with a waste manager, or company designing and operating the treatment centres, obtained information help to navigate through the project preparation, business plan prospection, arranging off-take contracts and permitting procedures.

Find about ETIA eco-engineering

If you are looking to optimise your industrial process, create a new business model, enter an innovative project or upgrade your current processes – we will be happy to propose you our services.