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About us.

Industrial processes inspired by nature.

Innovative and sustainable solutions for industry

ETIA is a French engineering group specialized in innovation, equipment, and processes for continuous thermal treatment. Our company designs and provides plants for processing biomass, food products, and industry residues, which are widespread in the sectors of environment, agro-food and energy.

Our motivation: circular economy.

In everything we do, we believe environment deserves innovation. Our goal is to challenge the current “take and dispose” economy model. We believe in circular economy where resources flow from one industry to another, creating long-lasting material and energy loops.

Our products are made for companies who think this way and want to show it to the world.

We do it by designing new, innovative equipment that keeps materials in useprevent pollution and produce energy. We develop thermal treatment technologies that make the waste become a resource again. Because the way nature work is simple and circular. There is no waste, only products.

ETIA booth

Global presence.

Our portfolio covers more than 150 delivered machines in 35 countries on 5 continents.

Every year, we take part in international exhibitions and conferences for circular economy and sustainable technologies.


Innovative solutions for circular economy

Engineering technologies, innovation, and application – for the sustainable industry.

From products heating, cooling and roasting, thorough their thermochemical valorization, up to waste to energy processes. We design durable solutions that help in global transition into the circular economy. Instead of focusing on one sector, we work for keeping the global flow of resources and bringing their value to other industries, communities, and their surroundings.

Recognised for innovative approach.

Innovation, durable solutions and reliability. These are the fundamental values ​​brought by ETIA. Values ​​derived from continuous and extensive research. The industry can ask for everything: drying, cooling, steam sterilization, pasteurization, extraction, toasting, cooking but also roasting, pyrolysis, gasification, ozone treatment. ETIA takes care of all.
BPI (Banque publique d’investissement) France

What we do

We propose solutions for waste and residue valorization. Our work is designing innovative industrial processes (R&D, engineering, design, marketing, sales and customer support). Our offer includes:

  • Expertise in creating high added value products from your biomass and waste
  • Delivery of turn key production plants for biomass and waste valorisation
  • Feabibility studies and analysis
  • Pilot plants and research services

Our quality

Equipment and processes provided by ETIA are manufactured for 15 years in strong collaboration in Switzerland.

To improve and increase its international network and knowledge in science and technology, we participate to numerous national and international Research programs, as well as normative commissions: European FP7 program, ASTA, INC, IFSH (FDA), ESA, BN FERTI, REFERTIL and many more.

ETIA is also an approved supplier for UNIDO, IFAD, and UNOPS (UNO organization).

Find about technologies inspired by nature.

If your business is looking for new technologies that would bring to your enterprise sustainability as well as long-lasting material and energy loops – just contact us and discover our offer.