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Calcination and pyrolysis testing center

Every material is different. Knowing the diversity of product properties that can impact the treatment process, we provide you the possibility of testing your own product in one of pilot systems operated in our research centres.

Heat treatment testing facility

In our headquarters near Paris we operate a dedicated heat treatment testing facility that allows testing our Spirajoule equipment in operation with your product. Testing plants are based on our electrically heated screw conveyor that allows heating bulk products and powders in a controlled atmosphere and desired temperature up to the maximum of 850 degrees C.

Heat treatment allows to observe the changes in the structure and composition of processed materials, observe how the products respond to the treatment and confirm the feasibility of processing in a pilot scale.

By performing heat treatment testing, you receive the results corresponding exactly to your individual needs. Whether you are a chemical processing plant, waste or residue manager, or company designing and operating the process for your customer, obtained information will help you to establish most beneficial process conditions, navigate through your project preparation, arranging off-take contracts or permitting procedures.

Our testing facility offers full range of tests, from material drying and densification, up to thermal treatment processes (debacterisation, volatiles removal, minerals and powders treatment, heat treatment in controlled atmospheres).

We also cooperate with professional research laboratories that can perform supplementary analysis. If you need to perform additional research on the products received from the process, we can provide you with suitable propositions.