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Our patented, electrically heated screw conveyor - Spirajoule - is universal tool for heat treatment of bulk products and residues. Thanks to its flexibility we have developed a multiple applications across various domains of industry. Whether it is a food debacterisation, minerals dehydration, biochar production or waste treatment, we are ready to prepare a solution tailored to your needs.

Steam sterilisation

Safesteril® is a patented continuous steam sterilization process for spices, herbs, dehydrated vegetables, seeds, cereals and other food and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Wood vinegar production

Wood vinegar is natural, organic product for agriculture. Our Biogreen process allows to produce it in precisely designed conditions, which can be adapted according to your market requirements.

biochar production equipment


Following the demand for sustainable water management and ecological farming, we have developed Biogreen system for production of biochars that will allow to enhance plant growth and minimise the water usage in agriculture.

Sewage sludge treatment

Whether it is a sludge drying, energy recovery or carbonisation, we can provide a full range of solutions for municipal and industrial sewage sludge treatment.

Pyrolysis of plastics

When other technologies focus on big, complex waste management systems, Biogreen brings a compact and local-scale answer to the problem of plastic waste management. Our containerized unit for pyrolysis of plastics is modular, easy to install equipment, made to convert plastics into calorific syngas suitable for energy applications. The process carried in Biogreen results in greatest production of syngas at high calorific values, which is a key element of efficient waste to energy process aimed at the production of electricity, steam or heat.

Waste to energy

Biogreen® is an extremely flexible system that offers a wide range of possibilities in obtaining energy from waste. The system remains the preferred choice of customers looking for technology that guarantees continuous production and quality. Our product supports the industry in the sustainable management of RDF and SRF, producing valuable energy from waste, just at the place it is needed.

Tire pyrolysis: sustainable waste rubber valorisation

In many places used tires are seen as a problematic waste material difficult to get rid of. Biogreen® technology meets the demand of local processing of rubber from used tires and creating a valuable products from the pyrolysis conversion.

Synthetic methane

Synthane® is a technology produce the synthetic methane from waste and biogenic resources. The solution combines the leading-edge technology for high-temperature pyrolysis (Biogreen©), gas purification and methanation processes.

Energy storage

A new technology for energy storage is on the rise, and ETIA is proud to be a part of this adventure! We were happy to deliver the first demo unit demonstrating our customer’s process for unique energy storage application. Delivered machinery is working to dehydrate the minerals.