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Our approach: Engineering - assembly - commissioning

We are engineering company experienced in providing custom made solutions since 30 years. Our team ensures a professional assistance on every stage of the project, from feasibility study and proof of concept, up to the implementation of the machines on site.

etia design


We are specialised in tailor-made solutions and adapting machines to the specific project demand. Our engineering team carries the project from the concept, through the feasibility studies and front end engineering design, up to the final implementation plans and risk analysis necessary for the operation.

Production and assembly

The machines are produced in our manufacturing center in Switzerland in order to keep the highest quality of the delivery. After the main components are ready, they are shipped to the assembly factories located in France, where the plant is integrated. Manufacturing process ends up with the factory acceptance tests with participation of the customer, where the assembly and core machine functions are verified before the equipment is sent to its destination.


Our engineering team assists you with the preparations on site and setup of the machinery in its final destination. Electrical engineer and comissioning engineer are present on site to perform the first machine startup, verify its functions and provide the training for customer’s operators.