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Food sterilization and debacterization

Safesteril® is a patented continuous steam sterilization process for spices, herbs, dehydrated vegetables, seeds, cereals and other food and pharmaceutical ingredients.



Safesteril® is a continuous dry steam sterilization process, which is completely safe and natural. To reduce the germ content of the product,  the process bases only on the heat. Thanks to the special design, Safesteril® promotes food product safety while maintaining their high quality.

Equipment is fully adaptable to the needs and offers both, pasteurization (complete inactivation of pathogenic bacteria – E. Coli, Salmonella, and coliforms) and sterilization mode (TPC, yeast and mold reduction is from 1 to 5 logs, while other germs are inactivated).

More than 75 Safesteril plants operate every day and sterilize 200 000 tons of product per year in more than 38 countries.

Safesteril® relies on:

  • Steam sterilization, which controls the time and temperature due to a “first in, first out” conveying system
  • Homogeneous and gentle mixing of the product in order to have the most efficient and homogeneous treatment
  • No condensation flash cooling system provides a thermal shock to the microbes, a good stabilization of the product, and a safe packaging operation.

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