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Pyrolysis of end of life tires (ELT)

Creating valuable products

In many places used tires are seen as a problematic waste material difficult to get rid of. Biogreen® technology meets the demand for local processing of rubber from used tires and creating valuable products from the pyrolysis conversion.

Once the tires have been shredded and separated from metals, the crumbed rubber can be processed in the Biogreen® pyrolysis process to generate high-energy syngas, oil, and char.


What is reCB (recycled/recovered carbon black)?

Recovered carbon black is a material obtained from the solid product of the tire pyrolysis process. Treatment allows it to develop many useful properties that make reCB added value product that can be considered a filler for the rubber industry, paints and coatings, ink production, and many other industrial applications.

Recycled carbon black produced in tire pyrolysis becomes an increasingly popular, environmentally friendly alternative to carbon black obtained from oil-based processes.

Tyre pyrolysis products Distillation graph ( Biogreen oil in green / pyrolysis oil in red )

Example results