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Thermochemical expertise to develop your innovative application or biobased product

What are bio-based products?

Biochar and bio-oil are bio-based products that are entirely derived from materials of biological origin, like forest wood, crop biomass or organic residues. They are created to be an alternative to fossil materials and products created in industrial processes.

Our expertise focus on creating bio-based materials with using our patented pyrolysis process (Biogreen®) that allows to create charcoal, biochar and oil molecules from pure and natural products.  As they are derived from renewable raw materials, our bio-based products help reduce CO2 and offer other many advantages such as lower toxicity and useful functional characteristics.

What do we do?

Through the cooperation with our subsidiary of ETIA, company VT GREEN, we propose a wide range of scientific and technical expertizes for the development of bio-based products: biochar, wood vinegar and other materials originating from industrial or agricultural activities.

Our activities cover applied research, development of bio-based products, and expertise for the implementation of industrial thermochemical valorization of residual biomass.

Research and expertise

We operate set of agronomic facilities to develop growing media and test the thermochemical valorization products.

Our platform can be your partner from any tests, starting from the climatic chamber up to the field studies.

Find about our expertise on bio-based products

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