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Torresak: our packaging solution for Biochar

What is bulk packaging, why is it important?

When biomass is pyrolyzed, volatile organic components are vaporized and removed from the resulting biochar, producing a honeycomb structure, drastically increasing surface area and porosity. When the hot biochar is removed from the oxygen-free environment inside the pyrolysis reactor, its new structure and properties absorb a lot of oxygen quickly. Oxidation is an exothermal process and can produce self-heating in biochar. In addition, unstable and highly flammable volatile gases can condense and be absorbed by the highly absorbent fresh char. The volatiles can easily ignite, if the biochar self-heats, or if an external source of ignition occurs, such as a static discharge or heat from friction. Also, burning embers are sometimes produced as the hot biochar exits the reactor. These small embers can be loaded into super sacks and can grow as ignited char is exposed to oxygen over time.

What is Torresak ?

Torresak is a special kind of bulk FBIC bag specifically designed for storing biochar.  Torresak uses Modified Atmosphere Packaging design and construction to reduce the fire risk with biochar during storage and transport. Torresak is made of food-grade, anti-static materials to prevent sparking. Torresak uses vacuum sealing and nitrogen flush to reduce oxygen content inside the bag to a level below what is needed for fire to occur.  The hermetic liner prevents the transfer of gas, moisture, or oils through the bag.  N2 can’t escape, and O2 can’t get in.

The negative pressure applied inside the bag causes the bag shape to conform and hold to the cubic shape.

Advantages of the product 

  • Biochar is sensitive and needs to be protected to keep its integrity. Torresak’s Modified Atmosphere Packaging design removes oxygen from inside the bulk bag, which prevents rapid oxidation of the fresh, highly absorbent biochar. Torresak allows better preservation of the product. Biochar that is packed dry remains dry. Torresak helps extend biochar lifespan.
  • The Torresak system uses nitrogen purge during the bagging operation to help create an oxygen-free environment next to the char. In addition, Torresak is made from special anti-static materials to prevent static sparking, which can easily ignite any volatiles present in the biochar. Torresak also uses a vibratory compaction system to immobilize the char particles, which helps to reduce agitation and friction during transport. When used properly, Torresak can be an important component in fire risk mitigation.
  • Torresak has an innovative format and a unique appearance, and design presents a strong branding opportunity to users. Two side panels can be printed up to 2 colors with promotional graphics, increasing Torresak’s marketing impact on our customers.
  • The flat-walled “coffee brick” appearance helps to prevent forklift tine punctures and damage from snagging during loading. The cubic shape of the bulk bag facilitates stacking, and the carefully calculated size of the Torresak permits double stacking inside a shipping container to within 1” of the ceiling. This maximizes the use of interior container volume and shipping efficiency. Torresak stands for security, but also optimizes stocks and transport, reduces logistics costs. Torresak helps to reduce the environmental impact of packaging.