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ETIA and Race for Water Foundation: together for cleaning marine debris

We are proud to be chosen by Race for Water Foundation as the technical partner to deliver solution to valorize plastics into electricity. In this application, our Biogreen® process will locally convert marine debris into valuable energy.

“We’re currently working on a technology called Biogreen®, with our partner ETIA. This will allow us to convert discarded plastics into an energy resource. This will have an economic, environmental, and social impact.”

– Marco Simeoni, President of Race for Water Foundation

Together for preventing and cleaning marine debris

About The Race for Water Foundation

The Race for Water Foundation is a charity dedicated to water preservation. This indispensable resource is under massive threat from plastic pollution and must be protected. The Foundation aims to identify, promote and help implement solutions that give end-of-life plastics a value and therefore prevent the plastic pollution of our waterways. Using an innovative approach inspired by the principles of a circular economy and social entrepreneurship, the foundation seeks to create new sources of income for the people most affected by pollution by giving an economic value to plastic waste.

Plastic waste is the problem as well as the solution

Our Proposal: Turn plastic waste into a marketable energy resource

Our solution derives from the principles of the circular economy and social entrepreneurship. We aim to create a profitable value chain for plastic waste in order to stop leakage into the environment and ultimately in water streams. It will benefit human health overall, underprivileged communities in particular, and provide alternatively-sourced energy.

By using Biogreen® process, Race for Water Foundation will recover the high calorific value of plastic litter and convert it into an energy-rich synthesized gas (syngas) applicable for the production of electricity, methane and hydrogen. Generated syngas goes through a refining process composed of different steps of filtration and condensation and after refining it is used as fuel to internal combustion engine to provide electricity.

This innovative technological approach demonstrates that remote plastic waste can be an additional resource in energy transition.

Learn more at:

Race For Water Foundation Website | Discover Biogreen® solution


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