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Biogreen for garden waste management

In the times of climate emergency, money grow on trees. Urban trees.

Twigs, branches, and logs from gardens are usually seen as a secondary energy resource. However, with modern technology it is possible to valorize it into biochar and energy, to support the circular economy and become CO2 negative.

We are providing a Biogreen system for biochar production in the NSR (Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings AB) facilities in Helsingborg, a leading recycling company in Sweden, whose objective is to handle and recycle garden waste and create a long term sustainable and environmentally compatible society.

The project will be first of its kind example of the sustainable management of biomass residues and shows a great perspective for the biochar as carbon neutral and climate friendly commodity for Scandinavian market.

Follow us on this great project by hearing the voice of our client, NSR:

Learn more about the garden waste application of Biogreen here:


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